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G39 - Embodied Movement for conscious Living

G39 aims to build a commu­nity of people who wish to improve their health and wellbeing.

The studio is located in Grund­stein­gasse 39, in the trian­gle of Thalias­trasse, Brunnen­markt und Yppen­platz. A vibrant, lively area of Ottakring. The studio is surrounded by galleries, restau­rants, ateliers in a diverse growing commu­nity of artists and Solo-Entrepreneurs.

Whether you need to relax after a long day of work or give yourself a morning boost before start­ing your day, G39 is your best choice.

Join us for a Yoga class or jump on the dance floor for a conscious movement session. Our friendly and safe environ­ment allows you to explore, empower, and resource yourself.

“Grundstein39, vorbereiteter Yogaraum, Yogamatte, HIlfsmittel Yogablock, Yogagurt, Decke”

More about us

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Idan Meir (B.Ed, MFA)

Idan is an Iyengar Yoga Certi­fied Teacher and Open Floor Conscious Movement and Dance Medita­tion Teacher.

Coming from a Theatre background, Idan has been working world­wide with individ­u­als and groups in the field of embod­i­ment movement and conscious living since 2001.

With his long experi­ence of working with polarised commu­ni­ties and groups in Israel, Pales­tine, Ireland, North­ern Ireland, Ukraine, Kenya and the USA, Idan brings a unique flavour and clear perspec­tive to his practice.

His intense self-practice of Yoga, Medita­tion and Dance and his passion for bring­ing aware­ness to conscious­ness to every­day living add an authen­tic flavour to his work.

Idan is constantly learn­ing, improv­ing his skills, widen­ing his toolkit, curios and evolv­ing his work. He is inspired by the individ­u­als and the groups he is working with and explor­ing movement and life.

Marion Knotzer-Meir (MAG.)

Marion is a yoga and conscious dance teacher, working in the field of embod­i­ment and conscious living since 2009.

Coming from a social work background with a wide range of experi­ence working in commu­ni­ties in need, Marion realised the impor­tance of finding practi­cal tools for every­day life to feel good, get a new perspec­tive and improve their think­ing and living.

Yoga, Breath and Dance were the first tools she integrated into her practice as an offer­ing for each group or individ­ual who wants to live a healthy, meaning­ful and joyful life.

In her soft, gentle approach, she allows every student to open their hearts and inner gate to all possibilities.

Marion is leading workshops, retreats in Austria and Europe and giving individ­ual one on one Yoga sessions. She is walking her teach­ing and constantly learn­ing new approaches and methods to apply to her work with curiosity.

Marion and Idan are living in Grund­stein­gasse 39 with their three children, Jonathan, Romy and Leni.

G39 - Your home studio in the 16th district of Vienna


Rent our studio

The studio is located in Grund­stein­gasse 39, 1160, Ottakring, Vienna.

The studio is on the ground floor facing a little garden in the quiet backside of the build­ing. The arched ceiling and the big windows to the little garden create magic that allows deep relax­ation and personal work.

The studio is 70 square meters, includ­ing a toilet, three dress­ing areas, and 50 sqm of parquet floor for the practice.

The studio is fully equipped with all yoga props, includ­ing wall ropes, bolsters, blocks, belts, blankets, chairs and ceiling ropes. A profes­sional sound system is avail­able, and storage space for your gear is needed for a longer rental. The room is warm and cosy, with a general floor heating system.

The use of the inter­net is avail­able for Hybrid classes.


Weekdays: €30 per hour

Weekends: €36 per hour

Full day (9 hours): €165

Weekend (18 hours): €300